Data for Policy and Public Engagement: Research Projects

Improved availability of data for analysis of effects of petroleum activities in Tanzania  through a net based data hub

This activity will be based on a study of “Availability and Gap” and add additional datasets to the current NBS–TNADA/TSED portal. Emphasis will be placed on proper documentation and a high level of detail still ensuring appropriate confidentiality. Back

Construction of a web access system that facilitates data search, monitoring and dissemination of information and research

A web portal will be constructed, linking relevant resources, search facilities, and publications repository as well as NBS-TNADA/TSED  and other local/ international databases. The portal aims to be useful for researchers, civil society, the media and the general public.  Back

Improvement of Tanzanian researchers’ skills in statistical and econometric methods relevant to the objectives of the programme
Implementation of training courses in statistical and econometric methods will draw on REPOA’s well-established training courses on How to Figure It Out using STATA.  Back


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