Our research aims to generate knowledge that will enhance the empirical understanding of key prospects and challenges facing Tanzania as a new petro-state. The purpose is to provide contextualised and evidence based policy analysis in order to contribute to avoiding a resource curse situation.

To achieve this objective, our research activities focus on the following components:

  1. Data for policymaking and public engagement
  2. Lessons from mining and onshore gas to inform policies on petroleum
  3. Revenue and expenditure management in the petrostate
  4. Local content for the petroleum industry in Tanzania
  5. Governance in the petro-state

The programme will have a strong emphasis on capacity development for research and policy analysis in the long term, both at individual and institutional levels. Each of the research components will be staffed with teams of both Tanzanian and Norwegian researchers, and involve both senior and junior researchers. By establishing teams composed of younger and more senior researchers less experienced staff will benefit thorough supervision by seniors aiming to develop their skills through joint policy oriented studies.



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