Resource hub

We have compiled relevant data for doing your own analysis of Tanzania’s petro-age. Here you can do a graphic analysis with easily available data  (this service is currently not in operation).

We have also put together a collection of useful sites containing data fram Tanzania and a number of other countries to enable comparative analysis:

  • Afrobarometer has information on satisfaction with democracy in the country and willingness to sign petitions, join boycotts, attend peaceful demonstrations.
  • Bertelsmann Transformation Index (BTI) has information on political participation, presence of interest groups, association and assembly rights and democracy status 
  • Household Budget Survey 2011-2012, NBS is the latest household budget survey for Tanzania with extensive data on household revenue and expenditure.
  • Natural Resource Governance Institute Database is a  tool for knowledge-sharing and transparency advocacy, the Resource Center gives activists, civil society members, government officials, legislators, journalists and students access to hundreds of documents on the management of natural resource wealth.