Programme Personnel


Professor Odd-Helge Fjeldstad

Joint Programme Director

Senior Researcher, Coordinator: Public Finance Management, CMI.
Economist focusing on public financial management, mainly related to tax reform and revenue administration, including tax evasion, fiscal corruption, capital flight, intergovernmental fiscal relations, and local government taxation.



Dr. Blandina Kilama, Phd

Joint Programme Director

Senior Researcher,  REPOA

Dr. Kilama has over ten years of practical experience in research and policy analysis particularly in the areas of poverty, public policy, value chain and service delivery. She has been involved in all stages research processes, such as analysis of data from national surveys and  analytical work related to nutrition and  poverty mapping.  Being a senior researcher her current research work includes poverty mapping, economic transformation, Post 2015 agenda and interactions between financial sector and investment.


donald mmari

Dr. Donald Mmari

Executive Director, REPOA

Economist, development researcher, and management consultant. He has over eighteen years of experience in policy research; institutional development; policy formulation; corporate governance; and strategic planning. He has worked with; inter alia, policy research areas, in the business and management advisory industry, in academia, and in financial services. He has also led the teams of professionals on various assignments commissioned by the government of Tanzania, development partners, international organizations, and business enterprises.


Dr. Lars Ivar Oppedal Berge

Associate Professor, NHH

Economist focusing on entrepreneurship and microfinance. Lars Ivar has conducted both lab and field experiments shedding light on the role of business training and social interaction in microfinance.



kendra dupuy
Dr. Kendra Dupuy

Advisor U4, CMI

Kendra Dupuy is a political economist focusing on resource management in the extractive industries and the forestry sector. She examines issues related to corruption, transparency, and accountability in company-community relations, corporate social responsibility programs, and benefit sharing mechanisms.



Ingrid Hoem Sjursen

PhD Candidate, NHH

Economist with interests in global health and taxation. She is currently working on perceptions, attitudes and behaviour with respect to taxation in SSA. Sjursen did her Masters in Economics at the University of Bergen, focusing on health and determinants of child mortality in Angola. Sjursen also studied history and economics at the University of Cape Town, and economics at the University of Humboldt, Berlin.




Mr. Jan Isaksen

Emeritus, CMI

Economist focusing on poverty, development and public finance.
Isaksen’s background in econometrics, macro-economics, macro economic and public finance management, trade statistics, statistical development and industrial sector research serves as a strong foundation for his work in the area of policy analysis.




Dr. Lucas Katera, Phd

Senior Researcher, REPOA

Economist with practical experience on research and policy analysis particularly in the areas of poverty, public policy, governance and service delivery. He has worked and published intensively on Local Government in areas of service delivery; finance and financial management; and governance and accountability.




Dr. Abel Alfred Kinyondo, Phd

Principal Researcher,  REPOA

Dr. Abel Kinyondo is the Director of Strategic Research at REPOA, a leading think-tank in Tanzania specializing in socio-economic issues. He has headed the Department of Geography and Economics at the University of Dar es Salaam (DUCE) and previously worked for the United Nations Development Program. He holds a Ph.D. from Monash University (Australia), a distinction in Master of Art (Economics) Degree from the University of Botswana and a first class Economics Degree from the University of Namibia. Dr. Kinyondo has over 10 years of researching experience having published in internationally reputable journals such as in the Oxford’s Development Studies and Parliamentary Affairs. He has also led several teams of experts in formulating various socio-economic policies, regulations and codes of ethics in Tanzania and beyond. Dr. Kinyondo currently investigates issues pertaining to enterprise development, employment, industrialization, natural resources management as well as governance.




Dr Siri Lange

Senior Researcher and Coordinator: Global Health, CMI

Anthropologist with more than 20 years of experience from research and commissioned work in East Africa. Research interests include health, gender, cultural processes and natural resource management – with a special focus on political processes and participation at the local level. Lange has spent all together five years in Tanzania and is fluent in colloquial Swahili.  


 Fred E Matola

Fred E. Matola

Principal Statistician, Program Researcher and Economist, NBS Ag. Manager of Tax Statistics Department – NBS

Mr Matola is a Statistician and Economist with 22 years’ experience in the field of statistics.  He has been engaged as field operation coordinator and quality assurance expert in the Household Budget Surveys, and as data processing and quality expert, including survey designs and coordination of census of industrial production, distributive trade, FDI and national accounts . Fred is a member of National Macro Economic Modeling Team (MACMOD) and the Financial Programming group at the Central Bank.



Dr. Espen Villanger

Senior Researcher, CMI

Economist working on entrepreneurship and microbussiness development, poverty and income mobility, the rural economy, gender equality, foreign aid and multilateral organisations.




Cornel Jahari

Researcher, REPOA


Vincent Somville

Vincent Somville

Senior Researcher, CMI

Economist with two main overlapping research agendas, one in health and the other in finance and entrepreneurship.


DSC_0784 (2)

Ragnar Torvik

Professor, NTNU

Torvik’s main interests are political economy, petroleum economics, and macroeconomics. The main current research field is why some oil rich countries have succeeded while others have not, and the design of policy so as to ensure that natural resource abundance contributes to a favourable economic and political development.









Jamal Msami

Researcher, REPOA

Jamal Msami is an employee of REPOA and a postgraduate researcher at the University of Bristol. His interests lie in Applied Economics, Governance, and Public Policy. He has publications in the fields of local government reforms focusing on service delivery and financial management. Recently he has been working on institutional analyses of sectoral reforms in Tanzania.








Sosina Bezu

Researcher, CMI

Sosina Bezu is an economist specializing in Development Economics and Applied Econometrics. Her diversified research includes impact assessment, rural livelihood diversifications, land policy reforms, youth migration and experimental economics.








Benjamin Engebretsen

Master’s Student, CMI

Benjamin is a master’s student from NHH (Norwegian School of Economics), mainly focusing on development, corruption, CSR and labor economics.

He is taking part in the Petro-State project in Tanzania this fall on the part of governance, specifically handling questions related to corruption, trust and civil unrest.








Andreas Romslo Stølan

Master’s Student, CMI

Andreas is writing a Master’s thesis on the topic of public expectations about Tanzania’s future gas revenues. The thesis is part of the long-term CMI project: “Tanzania as a Future Petro-State: Prospects and Challenges”. He is co-authoring the thesis with Benjamin Engebretsen.

Together they will work as research assistants for CMI as they travel to Tanzania in order to take part in pilot surveys, training sessions and preliminary data collection for the Governance component of the Petro-State project.


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