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The Tanzania Human Development Report 2017
the second national report for Tanzania. The theme of this report is “Social Policy in the Context of Economic Transformation in Tanzania.” As for the inaugural report published
in 2014, the first chapter of the report analyzes the current status of human  development in Tanzania.
Based on the most recent data available, results for the four key human development indices (HDI, MPI, GDI and GII) are presented for Tanzania
Mainland (and its regions) and for Zanzibar.. Read More here

Corporate social responsibility, risk and development in the mining industry
This article examines how metals mining companies understand and act upon CSR as risk management and the consequences for community CSR projects. Begins by exploring the literature on CSR and development in the mining industry, motives for CSR engagement in the industry, and risk and risk management. Read more here

In The News
Tanzania Port Authority set to build jetty in Tanga
The Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) is in the process of developing a modern jetty at Raskazone in Tanga City to accommodate petroleum product tankers. Salama told the delegation led by the principal Transport Economist in Uganda’s ministry of Works and Transport, Mr Gerald Ekinu, that the project was currently at the stage of engaging a consultant, following the successful completion of a geotechnical survey. Read more here

Uganda expects pipeline financing deal by June 2019
Uganda expects to conclude the financial deal for its joint pipeline with Tanzania by mid next year, opening the way for its construction after delays that have seen Kampala shift its production timelines from December 2020 to mid-2021.Read more here
Kenya seeks 20pc stake in Turkana crude oil pipeline
Kenya will seek to own a fifth of the shares of the pipeline needed to bring crude from Turkana to Lamu in a deal that will cost taxpayers Sh22.6 billion. Kenya, which currently exports no crude, discovered commercial oil reserves in its Lokichar basin in 2012 and the 800-km (500-mile) pipeline is expected to be built before production is due to start in 2021/22. Read more here

Uganda: FID Postponed Till Far into 2019
The much anticipated Final Investment Decision on Uganda’s basin wide crude oil development will not happen in 2018. And the indicated date in 2019 is not set in concrete. Tullow Oil, a former leader of the project and now a very minority stakeholder (with 12% equity on completion of the ongoing farm down), says that “technical work on the development and the upstream pipeline is well advanced and the Operators are now targeting First Half 2019”. Read more here

Nurturing Civil Society Engagement in Tanzania
Although the extractives sector grew at a rapid pace over recent decades, the number of civil society organizations (CSOs) that focused on extractives did not grow in tandem; such organizations are critical actors when it comes to holding governments and extractive companies accountable, and are the primary conduit for the expression of concerns held by the communities where resources are found.Read more here


Upcoming Events

Public Lecture on Natural Resources and Industrialisation
The event will bring together policy makers, scholars, industry practitioners and the public to discuss the contemporary trends and issues critical for industrial transformation of Tanzania and Africa in general. Read More here

Date: 30th NOVEMBER 2018       Place: the Council Chambers, University of Dar es Salaam

EST Annual Congress 2018
  The Economic Society of Tanzania, a forum for     discussing emerging ideas and empirical results of  economic research with policy makers, regulators and opinion makers, aims to raise public awareness, and stimulate public interest and debate on the industrialization process and other economic issues relevant to the process. EST invites you to its 2018 annual congress with the theme “Industrialization for Inclusive Development in Tanzania”.

Date: 7th – 8th DECEMBER 2018       Place: BANK OF TANZANIA, DAR ES SALAAM

The Tanzania Petrostate Programme Blog is produced by the joint programme of three institutions: REPOA and theNBS in Tanzania, and CMI in Norway with support from the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Dar es Salaam. The purpose of the blog is to draw attention to publications and reports on the gas and petroleum sectors, which may be of interest to researchers, politicians and the general public. The blog does not state opinions but merely links to relevant postings on the world wide web with a brief description and/or quotes of the content and opinions stated by authors.

The Petrostate Programme runs a website at where the participating institutions and researchers are presented and the aims of the programme, research results and publications are posted. The programme is also gradually building up a Resource Hub  ( researchers and other users can download important statistics and information pertaining to the petro sector and its effect on the Tanzanian economy and society. The database covers 20 categories including production and sales of petroleum products, environmental issues, poverty, public budgets etc.

The programme and its cooperating institutions are extremely grateful for constructive comments, advice on the blog and website (link below) as well as information on important web posting that deals with the petro sector and its role in Tanzania.

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