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Transparency initiatives and Tanzania’s extractive industry governance
This paper examines Tanzania’s adoption and implementation of transparency in extractive sector governance. The paper examined Tanzania’s EITI implementation process, its reconciliation reports and how these reports are used by the parliament, media and civil society to push for governance improvements in the sector.



Harnessing Natural resources for Development (HNR4D) 2018
Organised and delivered by REPOA and Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI). The training is a hands-on “learning from practice workshop that focuses on building the understanding of the links between, and the dynamics of, Extractives Governance and country’s development goals. The training aims to improve participants’ knowledge not only of policy options and tools to achieve these goals, but also the inherent challenges.

Date: 13-17th August  2018                                Place: Dar es Salaam

In The News

Tanzania: TRA Wins 4bn/ – Tax Battle Against Oil, Gas Explorer
Court of Appeal has dismissed with costs an application by UK-based oil and gas conglomerate, BG International Limited, against payment of 4.2bn/- tax to Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA). reveals payment update for gas sale in Tanzania
Wentworth, the East Africa- focused oil and gas company, has informed to receive the payments during June 2018 for gas sales generated from the Mnazi Bay Concession in Tanzania, totalling US$3.1mn net to Wentworth

Swala, Orca agree on new bond closing-Tanzania
Swala oil and gas Tanzania has agreed with Orca group to extend closing of previously announced Investment by the company.–Orca-agree-on-new-bond-closing/1840414-4644024-do4k3j/index.html

Mozambique Area 4 progressing Rovuma LNG marketing
ExxonMobil and Eni have announced that marketing efforts are underway for the Rovuma LNG project, which will produce, liquefy and sell natural gas from the gas fields of the Area 4 block offshore Mozambique. Senior management representatives of the co-venture parties (ExxonMobil, Eni, CNODC, ENH, Kogas and Galp) met Wednesday during World Gas Conference in Washington, D.C. to affirm marketing progress.

Pate 2 Well Drilling Set to Continue in August as Sakson Rig Arrives in Mombasa
Drilling of Pate 2 well in Lamu’s Block L4 could continue this late July or early August after the much awaited ship carrying the 2600hp Sakson SK604 rig arrived in Mombasa last week. The rig will then head off to Mtandawanda port in Lamu East aboard a barge hired from a local company with the expected arrival date expected to be Thursday. According to sources the massive rig will afterwards be offloaded for transportation to the drilling site some 16 kilometers away before being assembled for drilling an exercise expected to take about a month all together.

Pain in stores as fuel prices continue to rise nationwide-Tanzania
With the increase in oil prices world wide, Tanzanians are going to have to dig deeper in their pockets.

Reasons behind decline in gas exploration revealed-Tanzania
The government has confirmed that the number of gas exploration licences for eight companies has dropped from 26 to 11 within a decade.


Upcoming Events

The Role of State Owned Enterprises in Implementing the Industrialization Agenda
The Government of Tanzania has prioritized industrialization to propel Tanzania into a middle income country. The process towards industrialization is complex and needs broader and effective stakeholders’ participation. State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) are critical stakeholders responsible for translating the industrialization agenda into tangible results.
In the context of the above, UONGOZI Institute, in collaboration with the Office of the Treasury Registrar in the Ministry of Finance and Planning is organizing a one day Roundtable discussion to examine the role of SOEs and how they can contribute to the national industrialization agenda. The dialogue session will discuss among others:
Lessons from other countries: How SOEs have facilitated the industrialization agenda.
The extent to which SOEs can take advantage of the opportunities emerging during the process of industrialization.
The extent to which SOEs can meet the challenges arising from the process of industrialization.
The Minister of Finance and Planning, Hon. Dr. Philip Mpango will officiate the Roundtable. The Keynote Presentation will be delivered by Dr. John Page, Senior Fellow in the Global Economy and Development Program at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C.

Date: 10th July, 2018                                    Place: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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