Petrostate Blog for the Period of 23 July 2018 to 05 August 2018

The Fifth Tax Statistics Report

 The 5th Tax Statistics Report for 2016/17  has  been released, providing an overview of tax revenue collections and information for the fiscal years 2005/06 to 2016/17.  Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), the Ministry of Finance and Planning (MoFP), the Presidents’ Office – Regional Administration and Local Government (PO-RALG) and the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) play a central in compilation of the data. This report is for Tanzania Mainland and all figures are reported in Tanzania shillings. For instance among other things the report shows that from 2005/06 to 2016/17, the average annual growth of revenue from excise duty on imports was 27.1 percent. The growth was mostly influenced by excise duty on petroleum products. Petroleum imports contributed about 84.8 percentage points to total excise duty on imports.

Read morehere

State-Owned Economic Enterprise Reform in Myanmar: The Case of Natural Resource Enterprises

This report by the Natural Resource Governance Institute and the Renaissance Institute sheds light on the finances, operations and governance of Myanmar’s natural resource state-owned enterprises. Read more here

Responsible Gold Mining Principles

These Principles are a new framework that set out clear expectations for investors and downstream users as to what constitutes responsible gold mining. The World Gold Council, working with its Members, the world’s leading gold mining companies, has set out these Principles that it believes address key environmental, social and governance issues for the gold mining sector.  Read more here 

Release of the international energy outlook 2018
EIA’s International Energy Outlook 2018(IEO2018) focuses on how different drivers of macroeconomic growth may affect international energy markets in three heavily populated and high economic growth regions of the world: China, India, and Africa.



Harnessing Natural resources for Development (HNR4D) 2018
Organised and delivered by REPOA and Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI). The training is a hands-on “learning from practice workshop that focuses on building the understanding of the links between, and the dynamics of, Extractives Governance and country’s development goals. The training aims to improve participants’ knowledge not only of policy options and tools to achieve these goals, but also the inherent challenges.

Date: 13-17th August  2018                                Place: Dar es Salaam

How Tanzania natural gas users are saving millions
The Citizen has established that Serena Hotel has been saving up to Sh39 million a year by switching its cooking and heating machines to natural gas systems. Previously it used diesel.The hotel uses 0.03 million cubic feet of natural gas a day.

Tanzania to benefit from $175bn US gas project
Through the initiative, US companies will invest $175 billion in gas power projects in Tanzania and eight other African countries, namely Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Angola, Mozambique and South Africa. As reported by the Citizen

Tanzania’s countrywide push for oil and gas exploration

State-owned Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) is set to start issuing invitations to tender next month for a variety of upstream-related work that includes offers to participate in exploration in the south and north of the country.

Sonangol extends deadline for bids of oil blocks

Sonangol EP, Angola’s national oil and gas company, has extended the period of the data showrooms for Blocks 20/11 and 21/09 until 31 August 2018. Sonangol is the national oil and gas company in Angola. Sonangol said that the extension was in the scope of the process of partial divestment of the participatory interests held in the aforementioned blocks and at the request of several interested companies. Read morehere

East Africa: EAC Economic Powerhouse Capitalises On Oil, Gas Front

As East African countries boast of having the fastest growing economies in the continent, the block is putting more efforts together in the petroleum sector, targeting discovery of new technological trends and development in the oil and gas industry. Under the auspices of the East Africa Petroleum Conference & Exhibition (EAPCE), so far eight exhibitions have been held and now the ninth one is set to take place in the near future, with more intensity to tap from the sector and buoy the bloc’s economic superiority.

Gross production volumes during July 2018 from the Mnazi bay gas fields averaged 90 MMscf/d
Wentworth, the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE: WRL) and AIM (AIM: WRL) listed independent, East Africa-focused oil & gas company,  provides an Payment update to shareholders.

Saudi sovereign wealth fund in bank talks for debut loan
The financial times reports that Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund will look to borrow for the first time in the country’s history. The total will be between $6bn and $8bn as the kingdom attempts to become less reliant on oil income.


Past Events

Farewell to the Royal Norwegian Ambassador, Hanne Marie Kaarstad
On the 12th of July REPOA bid farewell to Her Excellency, the Royal Norwegian Ambassador, Hanne-Marie Kaarstad together with the Ambassador of Sweden, Her Excellency, Ambassador Katarina Rangitt. The Petro state program receives funding from the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Dar es Salaam and  Ambassador Hanne Marie Kaarstad has been a great supporter. Photo taken during the 23rd Annual Research Workshop where Ambassador spoke on behalf of Development Partners supporting REPOA, where she insisted on evidence generation.

Date: 12th July 2018                Venue:   REPOA premises, Dar es Salaam

The new Tanzania Mining Law, Local Content Policy and Tax Regime

Getting to grips with the Mining legal and tax landscape in Tanzania! A two-day event that provided insight into the 9 new mining regulations and orders of Tanzania plus two 2 interactive workshops on the Tanzania Fiscal Regime and Local Content Policy. The event was organized by AIE (African Influence Exchange)

Date: 26 – 27 July 2018                Venue:   Hyatt Regency Dar es Salaam, The Kilimanjaro

Upcoming Events

Upstream oil and gas awards launch
Upstream oil and gas award is a ceremony with a special focus to honor companies and persons that made the greatest contributions to the Tanzania’s oil and gas sector.

Date: 17 August 2018          Venue: Serena Hotel, Dar es Salaam 

Bank of Tanzania announces Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Memorial Scholarships deadline 17th August 2018

 Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Memorial Scholarships recognize outstanding students particularly in Mathematics, Science and Technology, Economics, Accounting and Finance. The  Bank of Tanzania offers this fund that grants scholarships to best female Tanzanian students to pursue Undergraduate studies in Mathematics and Science in Tanzania’s accredited universities.  It is also partly used to sponsor both male and female Tanzanians top students to pursue undergraduate studies in Economics, Information Technology, Accounting and Finance as well as best students intending to pursue Master’s programmes in those field. The fund also supports two masters students. A total of six (6) students are supported. Access more info and forms here. Deadline 17th August 2018.

The Tanzania Petrostate Programme Blog is produced by the joint programme of three institutions: REPOA and theNBS in Tanzania, and CMI in Norway with support from the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Dar es Salaam. The purpose of the blog is to draw attention to publications and reports on the gas and petroleum sectors, which may be of interest to researchers, politicians and the general public. The blog does not state opinions but merely links to relevant postings on the world wide web with a brief description and/or quotes of the content and opinions stated by authors.

The Petrostate Programme runs a website at where the participating institutions and researchers are presented and the aims of the programme, research results and publications are posted. The programme is also gradually building up a Resource Hub  ( researchers and other users can download important statistics and information pertaining to the petro sector and its effect on the Tanzanian economy and society. The database covers 20 categories including production and sales of petroleum products, environmental issues, poverty, public budgets etc.

The programme and its cooperating institutions are extremely grateful for constructive comments, advice on the blog and website (link below) as well as information on important web posting that deals with the petro sector and its role in Tanzania.

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