RNE Ambassador, Minister for Legal and Constitutional Affairs and SACU’s Executive Secretary grace REPOA’s 23rd ARW

Royal Norwegian Embassy Ambassador to Tanzania, Hanne-Marie Kaastad and Southern Africa Customs Union, Executive Secretary, Ms. Paulina Elago were present at REPOA’s 23rd Annual Research Workshop held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

(Amb. Hanne-Marie Kaastad Providing her remarks on behalf of development partners, looking on are the chief guest Hon Prof P. Kabudi, Minister for Legal and Constitutional Affairs, Dr. Donald Mmari, Executive Director, REPOA and  Hon. Amina Salum Ali , Minister of Trade, Industry and Marketing, RGZ)

In representing other Development Partner Ambassador Hanne-Marie Kaarstad insisted on the importance of research and the need to learn more on competitiveness. She also pointed out that the success of policy implementation requires continuous feedback, and consensus building among stakeholders.

On her part, Ms. Paulina Mbala Elago , The Keynote speaker emphasized on the importance of innovation in promoting competitiveness.

(Ms Paulina Elago delivering her Keynote address to the audience of  REPOA 23rd Annual Research Workshop)

Also in attendance were renowned resource economist, Ragnar Torvik who presented a paper on “Oil Prices and The Exchange Rate: optimal monetary policy for oil exporting countries”. Representing the petro state team were Espen Villanger of CMI and Abel Kinyondo of REPOA who sat on a panel on Leveraging Natural Resource on the second day of the conference. The workshop also featured poster presentation by Japhace Poncian a PhD student whose fieldwork is supported by the petrostate program.

(Espen Villanger Contributing on Leveraging Natural Resources and Geography for Industrial Transformation)

(Dr Abel Kinyondo Moderating the session)

(Japhace Poncian during Poster Presentation)

(Paul Sherlock, Ambassador, Embassy of Ireland in  Tanzania delivering closing remarks. He  pointed out the areas they will continue to support around evidence generation – working on women, youth employment and decent jobs)

You can read more papers from the links below:

SA1 Edwin P. Mhede (MITI) Medium-run Impact of Management Training: A Randomized Controlled Experimental Evidence from Tanzania (-See also  Presentation)

SA2 Margaret McMillan (IGC, IFPRI) Foreign Direct Investment and Knowledge Diffusion in Poor Locations: Evidence from Ethiopia
(-See also Presentation)

SB1 David Laborde (IFPRI) Assessing the impacts of specialization pattern and policy drivers on Tanzania Trade Performance
(-See also Presentation)

SB2 Epifania Langa (IESE) & Maria Nkhonjera (CCRED) Achieving competitiveness in capital equipment and related industries for regional industrialisation: the case of Mozambique and South Africa
(-See also Presentation)

SC1 Ragnar Torvik (CMI) Oil Prices and The Exchange Rate: optimal monetary policy for oil exporting countries
(-See also Presentation)

SC2 Neil Balchin (ODI) The phase-out of second-hand clothing: What impact for Tanzania?
(-See also Presentation)

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