REPOA’s 20th Annual Research Workshop (ARW)


REPOA’s 20th Annual Research Workshop (ARW) was held on 25th and 26th March 2015 and the theme for this year was Harnessing Natural Resources for Socioeconomic Transformation.

Objective of this workshop:
To address the role of natural resources in bringing about socioeconomic transformation, and to promote policy dialogue based on evidence from research on matters related to the management of natural resources and transformation of the economy to achieve inclusive development. Inclusive development is attained only if the majority of the present and future generations of citizens benefit from economic growth.

Researchers from REPOA, CMI and the National Bureau of Statistics who are team members of the research programme on Tanzania as a Future Petro-State presented their work during the workshop.

This website and the data portal were launched during the workshop. The data portal provides useful tool for analysing information on Tanzania.

The guest of honour Hon. Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda gave an opening speech

Below are papers presented at the event

Keynote Paper 1
Prof. Anthony James Venables, Oxford Centre for the Analysis of Resource Rich Economies (Oxcarre), Dept of Economics, University of Oxford
Keynote Paper 2
Natural Resources and Institutions by Prof. Ragner Torvik , Norwegian University of Science and Technology
1A Strategic Significance of National Oil Companies: Lessons for Tanzania by: Dr. Donald Mmari (REPOA) & Prof. Sufian Bukurura (Law Reform Commission of Tanzania)
S1B The Development of the Local Content Policy in Tanzania: Blue Print or Home Grown? by Dr. Abel Kinyondo (REPOA) & Dr. Espen Villange (CMI)


– S1C Public Expectations to Gas Revenues and Trust in Governance Institutions by Dr. Lucas Katera (REPOA) & Dr. Jesper Johnson (CMI)
S1D Institutional Mapping of Oil and Gas Revenue System in Tanzania by Dr. Donald Mmari (REPOA) & Prof. Odd-Helge Fjeldstad CMI)
S1E Commercialisation of Natural Gas in Tanzania: Are there any Lessons from the Songosongo Gas to Power Project? by Prof. Sufian Bukurura (Law Reform Commission of Tanzania)

S2A Review of Governance and Development of Mining Sector of Tanzania by: Prof. Godius Kahyarara (UDSM- College of Social Sciences)
S2B Local Content in the Mining Sector of Tanzania by Dr. Abel Kinyondo (REPOA) & Dr. Siri Lange (CMI)
S2C Maximization of the Value of Oil and Gas Resources through Local Content: What are the Practical Limitations for Developing Countries? by Ms. Lyoidah Kiconco (Schlumberger)
– S3A Is “Resource Curse” Inevitable in Extractives Sector? International Experiences and Preparedness Lessons for Tanzania by Prof. Ammon Mbelle (UDSM- Department of Economics)

– S3B Policy Making in the Tanzanian Petrostate: Building a Statistical Basis by Dr. Blandina Kilama(REPOA), Mr. Fred Matola (NBS) & Mr. Jan Isaksen (CMI)

-S3C Policy, Legal and Institutional Framework for the Petroleum Development in Tanzania by Mr. Fadhili Kileo (Ministry of Energy and Minerals)







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